The Flight

The following poem is one I wrote on April 11, 2008, when I was 17 years old.

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Color Choices

Here are some helpful, and fun, color charts that I located.  They have proven to be very inspirational when describing shades while writing.

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The Philosopher: A 1 Minute Play

Written on October 2, 2009, this 1 minute play was an assignment in a college creative writing course.  Please enjoy, rate, and comment!

The Philosopher: A 1 Minute Play

If a philosopher speaks and nobody listens, does he exist?

A weary philosopher confides in his grown grandchildren as he lies in his deathbed with one final piece of information.

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A Fresh Face!

Hobbitual Literature has a new look once again! I was so excited about how the last theme felt that I overlooked functionality.  It was neat, formatted to feel like you were reading the blog in an e-book format, but it just wasn’t doing what I needed it to do!  Thus, Hobbitual Literature got a makeover!

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Ever the Romantic

I met the man who became my husband about 5 years ago, in January 2010.  I came across a small scrap of paper with the date on the upper corner.  In December 2010 I was apparently feeling quite poetic and wrote him something sweet. Written in green ink, the following words were meant for that wonderful man.

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