Regarding Absence

Dear Readers,

I apologize greatly for not having been the most active with my blog lately.  Editing of manuscripts has kept me very busy, which I assure you is a wonderful thing!  The more I edit, the more passionate I get about my works in progress!  I cannot wait to complete more and share them with you!

I am now printing my manuscript from my epic fantasy piece.  It stands, without all the additional research pages, at over 59,600 words.   In a size 12 font (and 1.5 space) in Word that is over 170 pages!    Unfortunately, this is the easiest way for me to edit and get back into the piece after having taken a break to start a new paranormal romance story that has been whispering at me.  Back into the realms I go!

Please forgive my absence and look forward to great things!

Also, please take time to check my blog’s Facebook page.  I post wildly different things there than I do on my blog, as this page is dedicated to work of my own and the Facebook features writing tips and fun information.

Thank you and stay warm!

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