Thankfulness #7

Thankfulness #7: Scent

The bread aisle.  This is weird, I know.  It should be something like our favorite laundry detergent, my favorite flower, or my husband’s cologne.  First of all, laundry smells great clean, sunflowers are not the most aromatic flower, and my husband rarely uses cologne, and even uses the same shampoos I do.  So I choose the bread aisle.  Something about the smell of all those loaves of bread, the bagels, the english muffins…it’s just YUM.  As long as that aisle isn’t shared with baby supplies.  One grocery store I have used in the past put white bread near baby powder and the combination is not appealing.  Call me crazy, but bread smells are great.


Thankfulness #6

Thankfulness #6: Pair of Shoes

I find it a bit petty to feel thankful for shoes, as there are much more important things to life.  But, I must say that I do have shoes, and plenty of them, and I am grateful for that because there are millions who don’t own even one pair.

The pair I would have to say I am most thankful for are my gray memory foam sketchers.  I have always loved boots and flats, sandals and sport sneakers.  However, I have never been able to last long enough in any of them to really live life, and to work hard.  With the sketchers I have I can work a 40 hour work week on cement floors, I can walk the malls without having foot aches, and I can hike a mountain comfortably.  I am experiencing more of life and avoiding pains that normally would have left me sitting out on adventures.

Thankfulness #5

Thankfulness #5: Place

The place I am most thankful for is my home.  It may be a tiny one bedroom apartment that is not even close to big enough for my husband, myself, and our zoo of animals, but it warm and is a roof over our heads.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to afford a place to live, one with heat, lights, running hot water, and luxuries like cable and internet.  For this I count my blessings and have made the best of the small space.  It is home.  It is our home, and for now it is enough for us.

Thankfulness #4

Thankfulness #4: Favorite snack

Can I say chocolate?  I feel like that answer is cheating because I cannot chose any one snack, but would prefer one if it had chocolate.  Ice cream, cookies, candies, cakes…I am making myself hungry.  I HAVE COCOA PUFFS FOR BREAKFAST!

***This blog post has been interrupted for imminent feeding purposes.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.***

Thankfulness #3

Thankfulness #3: Cozy place

Is it weird to say bed is the coziest place for me right now?  I am thankful to have a lovely bed to relax in while pregnant.  It is soft, and cushy, and sinkable.  I can write from bed, watch my netflix marathons, read, play Skyrim, and hold my family (as the cats have claimed it as their coziest place too).  I am thankful to have these luxuries in life.

Thankfulness #2

Thankfulness #2: Animal

It is difficult for me to choose any one animal to be uniquely thankful for, mostly because I have had so many pets in my life that have meant the world to me.  I am choosing not to pick a pet, but instead a symbol.  I am thankful for owls.  Owls were my Nana’s favorite animal.  She absolutely adored them, had owl decorations and pictures and STUFF everywhere!  And so when she passed away I found a love for owls because they reminded me of her.  Now I have owl stuff and they make me feel whole, as though she is still with me.  Some of the clothing and baby items I have purchased for my unborn child has owls on it.  I get emotional thinking about this because it is so beautifully painful to talk about.  My baby will know who my Nana was, and that means keeping owls nearby to protect my baby because whenever I was with my Nana I had never felt safer.  The owls are guardians, they are angels, like my Nana.  That is why I am thankful for owls.

Thankfulness #1

Thankfulness #1: Person

I must say that the person I am most thankful for is my husband, Akira.  This man may not be a romantic, or into the same hobbies/books/music as I am, but he is truly an amazing person.  He works hard to support our family, and our family means the world to him, which in turn makes me incredible thankful.  I have never seen a man so devoted, and dedicated, to his wife, pets, and baby, which is still in the oven by the way.  I knew the moment I met him that he was the right one for me, because he treated me like a lady and was sincere from the start.  The way animals and children gravitate toward him, and how well he handles them, proved to me years and years ago that he was a family man that I would be proud to grow with.  He may not clean the litter box as regularly as the cats require, and he may not be best at taking the trash out on time, but I forget my chores too.  We have a very strong marriage built on humoring one another, sharing everything, and on love.  There is so much love between us.  We get each other, we understand each other, and know there have been losses both separate and apart, and we maintain our separate social lives and hobbies in order to stay strong when we’re together.  And that is a beautiful time.  He has shown me the value of family and of love, and I could not be more grateful.

November Thankfulness

For the month of November, alongside the work I need to complete for Nanowrimo, I also want to share a list of the things I am most thankful for. I found a category list online and will use that to express thankfulness. I hope to post daily, but may end up postdating pieces. Here is the list of topics I intend to discuss:

  1. Person
  2. Animal
  3. Cozy place
  4. Favorite snack
  5. Place
  6. Pair of shoes
  7. Scent
  8. Restaurant
  9. Blog/website
  10. Time of day
  11. Tradition
  12. Gadget
  13. Something old
  14. Something new
  15. Experience
  16. Recipe
  17. Store
  18. Quote
  19. Clothing
  20. Keepsake
  21. Disappointment
  22. Book
  23. Feeling
  24. Photo
  25. Luxury
  26. Charity
  27. Song
  28. Gift
  29. Something at home
  30. What I am MOST thankful for

Stay tuned!