Thankfulness #9

Thankfulness #9: Blog/website

GOOGLE.  Enough said.


Thankfulness #8

Thankfulness #8: Restaurant

A delayed post here.

What restaurant am I thankful for?

Friendly’s…I am thankful for Friendly’s.  Now, I know they are not the best now, nor was I particularly fond of them before, but when I was younger this was a family tradition.  My mother would take my brother and I to Friendly’s for lunch sometimes.  My brother would always get a red Shirley Temple and grilled cheese, I got an orange soda and quesadillas, Mom got a diet coke and a chicken wrap with extra honey mustard.  It was our tradition and family traditions are important to me.

Checking In

The past year has been a blur.  So much has happened, and so many things have changed.  This post is meant to bring readers up to speed on what is new in my life, personally and professionally.

I am now a mother and a home-owner.  My husband and I had a son in April and bought a house in May.  These two huge, life-altering events have kept us incredibly busy, and blissfully happy.

Maps for a major epic that has been in the works since 2013 are in various stages of edit for my own benefit.  Having functional maps for fantasy pieces aids me in my writing.  That being said, I hope to spend more time fleshing out this epic because it has the highest word count of any piece I have started.

CampNano for April was skipped this year due to labor and a newborn, and CampNano for July will likely be forgone as I start back at my “real” job tomorrow.  BUT, Nano for November is still on and preparations are under way!

This blog’s connection page on Facebook is thriving!  I post many articles, links, images, and ideas from other writers, authors, editors, and advice sites to aid myself and other writers.  Many readers comment, like, and share, and the page is up to 200 likes.  Please like and share!  There are some real bits of gold on there!


Thanks for reading!

Thankfulness #10

Thankfulness #10: Time of day

If I had actually answered this back in November when I had meant to then I would have said nighttime, because I love staying up late watching movies, playing video games, or chatting with my husband.  Now that I have a 2 month old who tends to be colicky, I prefer mid-afternoon.  Nights tend to be alright now that he is getting older and waking less frequently, but the afternoons are most fun because he is awake and alert, and interested in learning and loving.