Progress and the Future

I have been otherwise engaged with a new baby, new house, returning to work, and an interesting attempt at finding a delightful balance in life that I have been neglecting this blog.  The Facebook fan page has seen action, as I post and share several times a day, but this blog has seen busier days.  Not only am I sorry to any readers, but I am sorry to myself.  It was always my intention to keep up with this page, as I mean for it to become a crucial part of my writing career.  That being said, going forward I hope to be more interactive and social on the blog and not just on the Facebook page.  Content should be readily available on both mediums.

Here is what is going on in my literary neck of the woods.

First, I have been eagerly preparing for my second year as a municipal liaison in Maine for National Novel Writing Month.  November is just around the corner so my preparations have already started.  Beyond having several write-ins on the calendar, I am planning a few goodies for the writers attending.  More to come on that front!

Next, spontaneous drafting has been occurring on several works in progress, and I must say that I am inspired and impressed.  It is always a great feeling to scribble even just a thought down, let alone nearly the 1,000 words I managed tonight.  Talk about a success!  Much of this success I credit to my husband who has graciously offered to care for our 4.5 month old on Wednesday evenings so I can attend extra writing group gatherings for some literature and adult time.  Thanks, babe!

Lastly, a good friend of mine is working on launching and promoting her own business and website.  Check out Pulsifer Publishing for all of your publishing needs.  She is constantly adding services, information, and resources.  Bookmark her and stay tuned for updates!

As always, thank you for your dedication to my literary journey, and best of luck on your own.  Happy reading.  Happy writing.


**Heather Ellen Yamauchi**