No More Excuses

The time to write is NOW!  Really, it was yesterday, but I made too many excuses.  Here are some simple solutions to the everlasting problem of finding time to write when you are a busy person.



I work three, sometimes four, days a week.  They are long shifts, usually really early in the morning, and they can be particularly draining both physically and mentally.  What better reason is there to write?  Pull yourself away from the stress of complicated returns and credit promotions and write on your lunch break!  If I spent just 15 minutes of the hour lunch I get writing then I could produce a solid 500-1,000 words.  Not bad at all!



I will be the first to admit that I used my pregnancy and newborn child as a huge excuse to not write these past two years.  While, obviously, it was extremely tiring being pregnant and then being a new mother, I could have made more strides toward my writing too.  If you are not going to nap when the baby naps, and chores are caught up, write for a bit!  If I took just one half hour of my 9 month old’s nap and dedicated it to writing then I could potentially accomplish around 2,500-3,000 words.  Not to mention just after putting him to bed!  If I don’t immediately turn the TV on to relax and instead wrote for 20 minutes, BAM!  Another 2,000 words.



Look, laundry and dishes wash themselves after you load them.  Then the cycles last 1-3 hours each.  Use that time to write a scene or two!  Another 2,000-6,000 words!


I am not saying to neglect your family, job, or housework–not in the slightest.  I merely suggest not using them as an excuse not to write.  If your goal is to publish someday, like mine is, then do not put your passion for writing aside so easily.  There is time to write.  I can accomplish nearly 10,000 words a day by finding these moments to write amidst my regular duties.

You may find that you are too tired, and obviously you need to take care of yourself first.  If your child is happy and healthy, your house is clean, and you paid the bills, and you are still not too tired, that’s the perfect time to write.  Sneak away, ask for some me time, and start typing.


Good luck, and thank you,

Heather Ellen Yamauchi