32,500, that is the number of words I put to paper, or computer, in January 2017!  I didn’t count e-mails, work, or notes to self about which groceries to buy, but only solid writing for any one of my numerous works in progress.  Not bad, huh?

Dedication is huge.  Writing is not just a job, it isn’t only a hobby either.  It needs to be a passion if there is going to be something big coming out of it, otherwise the product could turn out to be lesser.  My WIP may not be in best seller condition, but the goal is to get it out and worry about the perfection later.

I am having fun.  Someday I hope to share this work so readers can have fun with it too.

32,500 in January, with snow, a baby, a job, a household…not bad at all, not bad.

Keep writing,