Story Dice For The Uninspired

Listen, nothing is worse for a writer than not knowing what to write.  Am I right?  So, in an uninspired moment, a fellow writer suggested I roll the multicolored, multi-themed story dice for inspiration.  Here are some of the plot lines I came up with.  Feel free to use any and all that inspire you.


A viking, on a quest through the mountains, came across an all seeing witch.  She bade him to push his way through the rocky hills, crossing rivers and lands of poisonous fruits, to find what mysterious object had fallen from the sky.

Two dramatic young men were fools in the King’s palace.  They played music and performed stunts.  One day, however, a stunt went awry, leading to the accidental discovery of a new scientific breakthrough.

In a temple far away from the grassland village existed an amulet said to control the directions of the Earth’s rotation.  Mathematicians, scientists, and fact-finders sought the device in order to control the Earth.  It would take a simple pair of buddies seeking a different treasure entirely to stumble upon it, freeing it from hiding.

A pizza delivery boy knocked at the door of the apartment that had ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese.  There was no answer.  Upon opening the door and setting the food on the counter, he knocked over a vial, which immediately sent him into a deep sleep.  When he woke a man explained to him that his shadow was now a living entity, able to be controlled by the boy, and that he and his new super shadow were needed to save the world from poison, fire, and banana pepper pizzas.


Good luck!