Nanowrimo 2017

National Novel Writing Month is quickly approaching, and so is my literary anxiety.  There were no nerves until the week prior–because that’s how it works.  You take it all in stride and think, “I’ve got this,” until suddenly it is time to prepare and BAM, you’re staring at a blank outline or a WIP that has seen more hours than it deserves.

I settled on the WIP.

It’s a story about a girl, a princess, who is torn away from her homeland and forced to marry a man she doesn’t know for the sake of saving her people.  The kicker?  It is a salacious relationship that, much to her surprise, becomes not just intimate but advantageous in a massive set of wars to come.  Political craziness, traveling, culture, adventures…there is a lot to be had in this story.

I just have to finish it.

Here goes!