Judgy McJudgerson

I am not currently published, and I probably have no place judging others who are due to that fact.  But I noticed a pattern with the sponsored ads in my social media feeds over the past couple days that really struck a cord with me.  They were kindle books, some free, some inexpensive.  That’s all well and good–I love me some cheap reading material–but what bothered me were the story lines and synopses.  Some of them are absolutely ludicrous!  Here are a few paraphrased examples:

  • Billionaire Bad Boy Teaches Innocent Virgin About BDSM
  • Werewolves/Shifters/Vampires/ETC Control Naive Woman/Forces Her to Mate
  • Best Friend/Brother’s Friend/Friend’s Father/Step-Brother Needs Her Pregnant
  • She Wanted Him, He Wanted Her, She Was a Confused Virgin
  • She Gets Kidnapped, Falls in Love, Impregnated–The Story of Stockholm Syndrome

I have nothing against a decent romance novel, or against BDSM stories (yes, I read and have seen 50 Shades and didn’t hate it), but good grief, what is this crap?

Sure, this is all someone’s cup of tea, and to each his own, right?  But honestly, it makes some of us authors who are toiling day in and day out over outlines, plot holes, maps, research, grammar, editing, and the likes on pieces several years in the making look like chumps for taking so long.  Why don’t we all just sell out by writing some contrite smut?

Writing culture is changing, and that is largely due to reader culture.  Readers want something quick and dirty a lot more than they used to.  But please, can’t we make it a bit classier, people?


And I want to add a note: I did download a bunch of these stories to read at a later date, and possibly will update this post, or add a continuum post in response.  But for now, the synopses make me cringe!