Humbled by Smut

Last month I wrote a blog about certain types of books, ones that I tend to call Kindle Porn, and how I felt they were a bit of an easy sell out writing essentially dirty books for a quick buck.  I mean, what was the appeal?

Well, I quickly turned myself around and decided to try a few before letting my judgmental nature on the topic define my entire approach to the subject.

I had asked, “What do people see in these books?”  Often I imagined they were full of raunchy sex scenes and little plot or character development.

Well, I was wrong.  I added several billionaire bad boy, reverse harem, and general erotic romance novels to my Goodreads list and read over a dozen this month.  Overall, I was impressed with the depth many authors go to in this genre, and I don’t mean that metaphorically.

Many of the novels were well-written, just the right amount of naughty, and contained actual stories with characters you can relate to.  Sure, every now and then I would shake my head and laugh at how ridiculous a line was, or at how quickly the two main characters hooked up, but overall I was intrigued throughout the majority of the books I read.

Now, as for an answer to the question I had asked, “What do people see in these books?”  The answer became clear, instant gratification.  A small amount of written pleasure, enough to either make you blush or make you laugh, was easily obtained.  And there was no risk in reading either.  There was no putting yourself out there for rejection, or taking any chances yourself–you could read the silly pick up lines, roll your eyes, read about a few tricks of flexibility in the bedroom, and go about your own day without having to change course.

So, I take back my judgmental commentary.  I spoke abruptly.  Not every genre is for every reader, or writer for that matter.  Having taken the time to give the genre, and some of its more quirky sub categories, a chance, I feel a sense of understanding finally.


A Resolution of Sorts

While I think we should always try to be our best selves and, that if we feel a need for change then it is best to start now rather than later, I feel the need to set myself a resolution of sorts; a deadline is required.

I have spent the better part of my writing career on an epic fantasy piece that I have outlined and fledged out into this magnificent world; yet, it is woefully incomplete as all I have drafted for it are scenes that jump about the series and are not in sequence.

What else has been accomplished?  The same for other works–outlines, random scenes, and movies in my head.  Something needs to be completed.

That is what I will set out to do this year.  With two small children, and a need for a daytime job, that will likely take the better part of the year.  But, it must be done!  Something must be finished!

Now, this is not a goal for me to publish by December 31, 2018.  It is merely a completion goal for a first draft.


What is your major writing goal this year?

Reviews and Reading

With two small boys under the age of two, one can imagine how busy my home life has become.  It is almost impossible to steal an hour here or there to actually write anything more than a quite note in my iPhone for a plot bunny that hit me when my toddler was scaling the furniture.  Yet, while feeding my newborn I have found plenty of time to either scroll endlessly through Facebook or to read.  And reading seems like the best option.

I signed up to be a reviewer for an Advanced Review Copy website.  I receive free copies of eBooks in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  There are a plethora of genres to sign up for, and if chosen I have six or so days to read an review the book.  So far I have only completed one review, and it was lackluster, my response sparse and to the point.

But, I am looking forward to this opportunity to see what the market looks like.  It will be good to actually read and experience the mind of another for a time.  To aid me in this goal I also signed up for Goodreads (you can find my profile here).

This is not a New Year’s Resolution by any means, but I definitely want to read more.  Reading can only inspire and push me to write, and that is the ultimate goal.


Welcome to 2018.