Reviews and Reading

With two small boys under the age of two, one can imagine how busy my home life has become.  It is almost impossible to steal an hour here or there to actually write anything more than a quite note in my iPhone for a plot bunny that hit me when my toddler was scaling the furniture.  Yet, while feeding my newborn I have found plenty of time to either scroll endlessly through Facebook or to read.  And reading seems like the best option.

I signed up to be a reviewer for an Advanced Review Copy website.  I receive free copies of eBooks in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  There are a plethora of genres to sign up for, and if chosen I have six or so days to read an review the book.  So far I have only completed one review, and it was lackluster, my response sparse and to the point.

But, I am looking forward to this opportunity to see what the market looks like.  It will be good to actually read and experience the mind of another for a time.  To aid me in this goal I also signed up for Goodreads (you can find my profile here).

This is not a New Year’s Resolution by any means, but I definitely want to read more.  Reading can only inspire and push me to write, and that is the ultimate goal.


Welcome to 2018.